Massage Gone Rogue, Janet Koosmann CMT
Your Massage Therapist for LIFE!

About me

I recieved my training at Alternative Healing in Rochester Hills where I completed, with honors, 500 hours of study in the practice and theory of Therapeutic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology. Immediately upon completion of my training, I began working at Caring Chiropractic in Oakland Township where I spent 6 years honing my skills while concentrating on Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Prenatal Massage.

Just so you know who you are dealing with, I grew up on a farm in Minnesota never once thinking of becoming a massage therapist. I raised two amazing kids who now have families of their own. My kids were born in Fargo, which has no relevance to this bio, but I think it's funny and we all need to laugh more. In my quest to find my dream job, I have been a banker, a procurement analyst for a tier one supplier to the big "3" where I advanced to management just before leaving to sell Real Estate. That great idea started just before the market began to tumble. I sing, I sew a little, I installed my own laminate floors in my condo and I'm a really good Massage Therapist. That last part will benefit you.

I am very serious about my job, my company and my clients. I want to be your Massage Therapist for life. I've got what it takes to do what I say. One massage and I will prove my strength. I know how to find the aches and pains you didn't know you had. I can work them out so you feel better, and I can teach you how to maintain them between massages.

I'm sure you will agree that you are stressed, but did you know that stress affects the size of your brain? Research has proven that chronic stress can shrink the brain making it difficult to learn new information or to simply retain the information you already have. I can help with that.

I love what I do. I've been through a lot of careers and finally, this speaks to me. I know that sounds cliche, so all I can say is give me a try. I can help you heal and teach you how to stay that way.